bainbridge + cathcart


“…concerned with protecting the soil, wildlife and environment…”


Bainbridge and Cathcart are a real hands-on garage winery. Ex-pat Brit Toby Bainbridge met his future wife, Julie Cathcart, on her family’s farm in Oklahoma while studying commercial agriculture. The newly married couple moved to the Loire Valley where Toby worked for Mosse as well as other producers before buying their own 4.5 acres to grow Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, and Chenin Blanc. Toby and Julie are entirely focused on Biodynamic methods, as they are concerned with protecting the soil, wildlife, and the environment.


Their barebones winery is located in Chavagnes les Eaux [Anjou] and is focused only on producing the most expressive wine possible from their own fruit. There is no artifice, just pure wines classified as Vin de France. That’s why they only use one type of wine bottle for all of  their products: a clear glass Champagne-type bottles sealed with a crown cap closure, so that their customers can admire the colors of the wine in the bottles and never have to be worried about cork taint from natural or synthetic corks.


chicago, illinois

united states
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