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Francois Bouillot and wife Claire make wines in Burgundy and the Rhone! He is part of the Bojalien tasting in the is Derniere Goutte, Cuzin, and Balmet!! He originally had 3 hectares in and around Ampuis, but purchased 3 hectares in Malain, a town about 30 min west of Dijon. Sadly, hail and frosts have ravaged his Burgundy plots for 2 straight years and I could not get any.


In Rhone, he has 0.5 hectare of Cote Rotie and the rest are on the top of the hill....IGP Collines Rhodannienes. All wines are fermented in fiberglass and then aged in old (neutral) oak. They are super pure and juicy. I got so little of this and the viognier he does. The viognier is not like Condrieu....ripe, alcoholic and oaky. It is super linear and fresh. The cote rotie could age, but because it's not super extracted and oaked, can be drunk early.

Tastiest northern rhônes

that we have tasted in 20 years


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