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It took a dose of courage, passion and a touch of carelessness to get involved in this viticultural reconversion as Catherine Bernard did! At the age of 40, after a career in journalism, as a correspondent in the South for Liberation, Catherine Bernard embarked on the big bath and chose to realize her dreams by settling in 2005 in Languedoc, France. Saint-Drézéry. The neo-winemaker then acquired 3.5 hectares of vines, planted with Cinsault, Grenache, Marselan and Mourvèdre, notably located in the communes of Saint Drézery and Montaud. It is full of enthusiasm that she begins her first vintages and discovers the work of the vineyard and cellar. She decided to relate this reconversion in her book In the vineyards. Describing herself for years as a winemaker Without a Fixed Cellar, Catherine Bernard has now built her winery at Restinclières.


Organic farming and biodynamics have naturally appeared in her approach. Faithful to the expression of terroir, Catherine Bernard elaborates two parcel cuvées that she named the grape variety: carignan and mourvèdre. Another vintage from the locality Carbonnelle comes from a blend of Grenache, Marselan, Mourvèdre and Cinsault. Catherine also produces a rosé and a blanc from the terret bourret grape variety.


In the vineyard, Catherine Bernard applies carefully a careful viticulture, based on small yields delivering healthy grapes, at perfect maturity. The actions carried out in the cellar then accompany gently and delicately the quality of the harvest. She elaborates her wines in indigenous yeasts, adding a minimal dose of sulfur and practicing very light extractions in order to preserve a freshness of fruit and a delicacy in her wines.


The result is simply admirable! The wines deliver an intense pleasure because they possess a singular finesse and freshness. Delicacy, elegance and gluttony are the key words of the different cuvées fashioned with fervor by this talented winegrower!

“The wines deliver an intense pleasure because they possess a singular finesse and freshness”


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