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Two brothers from the family of Aloxe Corton, passionate about gastronomy, wine and terroir, decided to combine their skills and offer the wines they have dreamed of for a long time, founding Chapuis Frères in 2009 in the heart of the village of Pommard.


“Our wines are elegant, gourmet and generous, allowing the precious grape varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to express all their aromas. Our concern is to rely constantly on tradition and Burgundian soil proven for centuries without being cut off from modernity and what it can bring good.”


This deserves some explanation .... the production of a great wine is elaborated around 3 axis, each incarnated by a place:


The Vine : Possessing little vineyard, the Chapuis brothers also buy fresh grapes from local wine growers. Obviously the choice in this area is crucial, since there will be no good wine without good grapes. Firstly the vine is carefully studied before being chosen. Its sanitary state, its soil, its exposure, the age and the variety of the plant ... its soil is sifted.


The Cuverie : This is the heart of the business, the place where the grape begins its metamorphosis into wine at the beginning of autumn. If it is true that there is no great wine without good grapes, in the same way, a good grape must be well vinified to make a great wine.


The Chais : Place of wine breeding. It is in this rather mysterious place (our cellar is in fact the old kitchen of the 1st castle of Pommard dating from the XIIIth century) that the wine finishes its metamorphosis and refines before being bottled. All our wines are aged at least 12 months in oak barrels from the best Burgundy barrels and are monitored daily.


Special care is taken during bottling especially regarding filtration methods and the selection of quality dry materials (corks, bottles ...) to ensure the best possible preservation of the product.

… the production of a great wine
         is elaborated around 3 axis …


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