cidrerie du golfe



Cider is mostly associated with Normandy, but this apple juice comes from Brittany just outside of Vannes. Cider has a worse reputation than Beaujolais in France because of mass produced, chemical induced, cheap and artificially carbonated cider. At Golfe, they focus on older varietals of apples (organic) and this is made from a single varietal called Guillevic. Simply put, this is pure apple juice that is sparkling and has alcohol. There is a decent amount of residual sugar, but it is natural sugar and the acidity of the apple is very high, rendering the cider fresh. In terms of bubbles, naturally carbonated bubbles will always win over force-injected bubbles.


After fermentation, the cider is allowed to sit for a few months to slightly clarify and then it is bottled unfiltered. With sugar left over and yeast from not filtering, the cider carbonates… so much that a cork and wire cage were used to close it. Because there is no added SO2, the cider will continue to slowly ferment and will become drier over time, but aging this one will prove to be difficult. Buy two bottles because one will disappear quickly… and please keep away from children as they would not know the difference.

… naturally carbonated bubbles will always win over force-injected bubbles …


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