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After obtaining a National Diploma of Enology in Toulouse, Marc abandoned a career in the Oil industry and settled in Anjou. In 2004 he purchased 12 Ha of vineyards in the Aubance hills and becomes a farmer.


In the beginning, a large part of the grapes were sold to the Brissac Cooperative, but from some special parcels he started to vinify his first vintages. Thanks to the great vintage of 2005, Marc begins producing mainly AOC wines’ sweet Chenin Blanc and some red wines.


In 2004, Marc met Julien Bresteau as an intern at Domaine de Montgilet and became friends. In 2008, Julian joined Marc and on Jan 1, 2008, La Grange Aux Belles was created.


Initially, their was no cellar and the wines were vinified at a former car dealership. Slowly, equipment is added; an old Fiat tractor, some buckets, pruners and an adjustable wrench (you always need an adjustable wrench). They start to a build their small winery closer to the vines, and start the conversion to organic farming.


At the same time they meet Gerald Jesse Skin, the first bartender of the Red Circle in Angers, who had discovered natural wine and is passionate about this underground movement After a few years of occasionally helping in the vineyard, Jesse starts to help more and more, starting in 2011.


Thanks to Jesse’s help, they were able to stop selling their grapes to the coop in 2012, and focus only on creating wines for their ever expanding lines. Additionally, they cleared a hillside of rock-walls and planted Chenin in Murs Erigne, in the Maine and Loire.

Following an AOC inspection in 2014, they decided to leave the Appellation.


In 2015, Jesse became the third partner at La Grange and the adventure goes on…

Marc, Julien
   and Jesse


chicago, illinois

united states
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