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Mathieu has too many University degrees in France to count, including a Masters of Plant Physiology, Molecular Biology and finally Oenology. After school, followed by a short military service, Matheiu started working in Giennois for the Coopérative de Pouilly sur Loire. During this time, he met Alain Paulat, who always delivered the best grapes to the co-op. As Alain only worked his vineyard by hand and harvested by hand, the difference between his fruit and the other members was very striking and a friendship developed.


Also during this time, Mathieu worked several other jobs including the Ministry of Agriculture as head of farming. Following this, he worked in the private sector for a wholesaler of phytosanitary products. The job only lasted 6 months as Mathieu only sold copper and would not sell any synthetic products to his customers. After this he installed the weather stations used to build a mathematical model of downy mildew in France, which is where he met Serge Strizyck.


Occasionally he would do some work with Alain Paulat and in 2001 starting training in Beaune for CFA Wine. After 3 years at CFA Beaune, he passed the certification and became the Director. From here he moved to Beaune and took over the Beaune Wine College.


Around this time he heard that Alain Paulat’s estate was for sale, purchased it and founded his winery, the Bio Coste Estate in 2008.


Domaine Mathieu Coste is located in a quiet corner of the Coteaux du Giennois appellation in the Loire River Valley, just south from Sancerre. Coste strives to produce pure wines of the highest quality, including many great examples of the Gamay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon varieties, using only natural, indigenous yeasts during a meticulous three-week whole cluster fermentation process.

“no machines
and no chemicals”


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