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Working in restaurants for almost 20 years, and having worked almost every FOH position, Noel found himself gravitating more and more towards wine. A little over nine years ago, just before the birth of his first child, he was invited to take the Wine & Spirits Education Trust level 3. The class was a great experience and became a pivotal point and about a year later he was invited to attend the Court of Master Somm’s level 1 course, of which he passed the certified exam in 2011.


During this time, he was running a wine program for a local Italian restaurant, whose employer asked him to look for a private label wine for their beverage program. While accomplishing this by dealing with all the inherent legal regulations, Noel began to see a path towards production, and started studying the science of wine and asking every wine maker who came into the restaurant how they did what they did.


In 2012 he looked for the perfect wine cellar and worked on his license and he started making wine in 2013. Since 2016, only organically grown fruit is sourced, and as of 2017, Noel has leased a vineyard in Calaveras County.


chicago, illinois

united states
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