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Wine Thieves look for wineries all over Georgia that do not have the means to promote their wines themselves and would be forced to sell it in bulk to one of the larger commercial companies to be blended in to some unsurprising plonk. (You know those bottles that the bulk wine is sold in, the cheesy bottles with cellophane over them that have been in that funny store since the last manager took over ... yeah, don't drink them...)


They pay the wine maker a fair price for their wine (decided by the wine maker) and then bottle, label and promote the wines. The contract with these small producers is for the short term, with the hope that they will be able to do the same thing themselves as soon as they are able to afford it or see how much love their wine(s) receive outside of their region..


All producers that they select are not allowed to use any additives or chemicals, allowed only spontaneous fermentation from via natural yeasts and have to be fermented and aged in qvevris following traditional Georgian wine techniques.

“We are thieves of wine, but we are not real thieves of wine, we provide natural wines from different small producers.”

— Avtandil Kobakhidze


chicago, illinois

united states
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