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We take pride in being an East Coast practitioner of “natural wine.” From vineyard to barrel, and barrel to bottle, we seek to reduce the carbon footprint of our business, eliminate chemicals (especially sulfite's), and do our best to avoid intervening in one of humankind’s time-honored conspiracies with nature: transforming grape juice into beverages that advance social interaction by accompanying food. That's why the sign in tasting room that asks "What's for dinner?" means so much more.


This natural approach also extends to other agricultural activities on the farm that sustain owners Paul Roberts and Nadine Grabania, and their daughter.


In every part of the winemaking craft, we emphasize the low-tech or even the no-tech, while striving for craftsmanship and natural harmony. We have seen, since our founding in 1997, that once people understand artisanal winemaking, they will reject the industrial, "touristy," and crassly sweet.


Wines made in concert with nature delight the palate and are felt in the heart.


You can watch a documentary about Natural wine featuring Paul here :

The documentary was produced by Defendshee Productions.


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