ferretti vini

lambrusco dell'emilia


Ferretti Vini was born in Case Cocconi in the fruitful Po Valley of Campegine, between the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Parma, in vinegrower's family since the early of 1900s.


An idea of the sisters Elisa and Denise, supported by the

important experience of father Sante as their cellar master;

to discover the real taste and aromas of the wines of their



Wine is Made in the Vineyard

This is the philosophy at the base of their winery for the production of natural wines refermented in the bottle. Their wine is obtained from the manual harvest of the selected grapes of native vines in their 3 Ha of vineyards, conducted by  principles of organic farming and conservative pruning following the methods of Simonit and Sirch.


An old tradition, fermentation takes place naturally using the

indigenous yeasts of the grapes, without clarification or filtration. For this reason, their wines are alive with a very low content of sulphites, maybe a little naif and every year somewhat different, as they are constantly evolving over time thanks to the long aging on their own yeasts. They define them as “wine with no time.”

The tastiest, most satisfying ancestral farmer style lambrusco’s made in Italy right now


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