jerome balmet



wine cooler 2016


Borrowing 1.2 hectares of field from Vaux-en-Beaujolais which is close to Bruyi, Jerome starting making wine in 2012.


He, himself, also grew up here, and his father also owns a field less than 1 ha, but his father's wine making is a range of hobbies. I do not produce more than for private consumption so I can enjoy it with my friends. Of course Jerome himself has often learned from his father, but also from Mathieu Lapierre and Jean-Claude Rapalu, who learned natural wine making.


Now Jerome borrows from the winery of La Dernier Goutte and places wine in an egg-shaped concrete tank.


Before starting wine making, Jerome studied martial arts in China, as well as indulging in yoga and meditation in Thailand. A gentle, precise word is chosen, and wine whose gentle gaze is unique by Jerome is a spiritual wine that expresses himself as it is.

“Some of the tastiest glou glou bojo that is out there”


chicago, illinois

united states
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