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From the light of the Sun, sugars are composed


The Sun rules over land and farm; life on Earth is energized by the light of the sun.


Energy precedes matter and flows from organism to organism through a process of molecular composition or decomposition.


From the light of the Sun, sugars are composed. These sugars ascend plant shoots in the formation of fruit.


As farmers, we cultivate landscape as it is our body; as Earth is Gaia, our farm too becomes a single organism made up of fractaled life forms and repeating geometry.


The spirits of Plants call us forth to facilitate their growth across the land. We reap their offerings: their fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, shoots and saps in procurement of life’s elixirs.


Striving for synergy on our farm, we work with an awareness that our bodies themselves are farms, managed by a dynamic host of microbe-farmers.


We implement a spiritual, artistic, and scientific practice of fermentation as a means to preserve and expand upon the value of what we grow and forage.


With time, fruit evolves into wine by the metabolism of microorganisms and through hearts and hands of winemakers.


It is along this continuum of light-energy, wherein the essence of living wine is born.


And what is wine but water infused with the chemistry and frequency of the life-matrix of the farm, preserved by a process of microorganisms digesting sugars of the sun?



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